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Creativity in the 

Time of Corona

How are we, at NOMAD, dealing with the crisis over corona virus? Obviously we are not hosting events, but that doesn't mean our vast production studio has to be empty and useless.  Indeed, the co-working remains open but limited to members and shoots, making our time together all the more valuable and creative.
While everyone who comes into the building washes their hands and keeps a cool distance, we are seeing a huge creative surge in our members.  Our survival instincts are inspiring us towards positive personal changes, and straightening out our priorities.

Notably, our recurring events like ArtJam and
ALL WE HAVE IS NOW have migrated entirely on, our 24/7 slow TV.  In fact, the need for social distancing and generally slowing down has reinvigorated our webcasting activities in a major way. If you have beautiful, meditative content, like
usic, art, video, or stories, let us know and we'll find a place for it on our stream.

Our webcast has something different to offer the media landscape.  Contrarily to a fast paced, low attention span blasting of videos, we provide a place to slow your pace.  Whenever you get tired of surfing through an endless amount of meaningless videos on YouTube, give a visit, put us full screen and slowly let go: meditate, do a run, take a bath, dance, work, or just be.


Now is the time to slow down and meditate on NOMAD Slow TV.

Each webcast features original films, music from our studios and beyond,

inspiring sport stories, and adventures our the globe.

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