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23 MAY


by Stéphane Cocke

I dug extra deep for this mix because it’s for a place close to my heart, where I keep going to since its beginnings at which time I had a spot

for a year and connected with outstanding creatives

that are still close friends. Thanks to its founder, Jason Rodi who keeps it flowing and to all who make it happen through and through.


While going through a journey of Jazz, soul, reggae, folk

and mystical rhythms there remains the same density,

a  identity which is the essence of being a nomad

--- always anchored in the now in the everchanging flow.

The journey starts with Calcutta Blues, a Dave Brubeck gem,

accompanied by luminary Edouard Glissant evoking «Le poème nomade».

Down the jazzy road, you will find Patrick Watson whom I remember playing at NOMAD.  Expect to hear words of wisdom by Alan Watts saying : ‘’…there is only now’’. And Be Svendsen’s latest offering ‘’October Letters’’ with whom I’ve had the pleasure of playing with in Montreal a couple of years ago.

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