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Johnny Ranger is a video and design artist that works visual narratives with his own interdisciplinary creations involving unusual or multi-screen projections and on projects as a media director involving choreographers, directors, media art centers and design studios.

His artistic work has been shown at FILE festival (Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro), Ars Futura (Barcelona), at the New Museum of Contemporary Art (NYC), the Montreal Biennial, TransitioMX (Mexico), Festival Domo Lleno (Colombia), the B3 Biennial of moving images (Frankfurt) and the Canadian Cultural Centre (Paris) amongst others. 

He has been a regular collaborator at the SAT (Society for Arts and Technology) and he was artistic director for Moment Factory from 2004 to 2008. He created the video projections for the opening of the televised stadium show of the Pan American games by Cirque du Soleil, and also directed 4U2C to design massive projections for Cirque's first touring show on ice Crystal as well as for the innovative live action film RUN. He developed the cinematic projections for the Opera's Another Brick in the Wall, an original adaptation and world touring show based on the ground-breaking album of Pink Floyd. 

His work highlights the visual language as a powerful contributor to scenic events and presents a new type of immersive cinema that stimulates the public to choose their own narratives from the multiple iconographic paths that are often proposed simultaneously.

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