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Art Matters is a non-profit festival that has existed since 2000 in Montreal, Quebec. By now, it’s been called thelargest student run art festival in North America.


Art Matters takes place in March. Ten exhibitions curated by students are spread out over three weeks, punctuated by our signature parties and events.


Art Matters strives to support and provide professional experience

to students interested in the arts.



March 2 - 26


March 7 at NOMAD, 18h à 21h


Curator / Commissaire: Serena Desnauliers


Artists / Artistes:

Ryth Kesselring / Resonance

Charlotte Dora Rollert  / What Comes Natural

Teodora Stefan / Fragmentary Togetherness

Alisha Billias / Through Distortions

Charline Lemieux / Tube Holler

Sasha Pozzolo / Haptic Feedback

Rachelle Marcoux / Tribute to Marjorie Rice/Hommage à Marjorie Rice                   

Jeremy Michael Segal: Creative Director, Michel Didier: Technical Lead, Roxanne Sirois: Art Director, Joseph Browne: Sound Designer /   Proteus


March 7-26 at NOMAD

Horaires d'exposition:

Mardi - Vendredi de 14h à 19h

Samedi de 11h à 17h

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