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Méditation Guidée

Par Jennifer Cloutier

Introduction to

Minding the Senses


Méditation Guidée

par Jennifer Cloutier


7pm à 9pm

To conclude our October meditation series, we've invited Jennifer Cloutier to give an introduction to her Minding the Senses workshop.

Contrarily to her usual sessions, this introduction is free so its a great way to learn some new meditation techniques and improve your practice.


As the seasons change we also undergo changes; physically, mentally and emotionally. Taking time to ground yourself and find focus in the present moment can ease this transition.

Within the hustle and bustle of our urban environment, we invite you to take this opportunity to practice mindfulness of the senses. Slowing down, tuning in and observing each of the senses as they relate to us, others, and all that surrounds us each and every day.

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