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Cherry Blue

Film & Album

by Mathew Shawn Turner & Vince James

On December 15th Mathew Shawn Turner and Vince James

will present their double project Cherry Blue that includes a 3 part 26 minutes film and an 11 songs album both bearing the same name.


The multi disciplinary event reached out to a multitude of visual artists to expose their work at the event. These are artists ranging from painters, sculptors and photographers.


In addition to the exposition we invited culinary artist: Chef Alto.

The kitchen (placed in the same room) will be serving affordable meals and snacks at the public`s convenience.

For the past 2 years, both artists have been working alongside, writing scenes inspired by Vince's music, and writing music inspired by Turner's scenes.

Considered as both artists' debut project, Cherry Blue takes on the complex subject of creating, its repercussions and the meaning it has to an artist. Both artists comply that in order to fully express themselves on the subject and to translate it into a film and album, they first had to live it.


Considered musical/experimental, this film shines with attention snatching moments, laughter and rhythmical suspense.


© Mathew Shawn Turner

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